Fuck Yeah Dead Swans

This is the only thing picking me up off the floor.

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lazarusinashes asked: Hey dude, I'm learning bass at the moment and was wondering if there's any existing tabs from the Anxiety and Everything Else EP?


Hello mate, Firstly thanks for all the kind words about Dead Swans, it genuinley does mean a lot, the bass lines are a piece of piss man, we play in D standard the end of Southern Blue is just 1 then open on the E string then like 3-4 on the one under I think(see how clued up i am when it comes to this!), something like that, i’m proper bollocks at bass man have a fuck about and work it out, I don’t even have a bass at the moment to piss about with and work any loose tabs out right now

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Anonymous asked: Be a mate, what gear did you use on the sleepwalkers record!


i’m not 100% sure dude, it was some vintage fender bassman head and some weird pedals that defeater use, ask jay maas, cheers